A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

When I first played Super Mario Odyssey I thought the "kingdom selection" menu was super cool, so I decided I was going to recreate the effect on Unity! 

I wanted to build something that was similar but also easy to use, given the fact that I always think about how these tools are built with game designers in mind. I just wanted to build a system that people would actually use in a game development process. 

I tried to make the whole thing as intuitive as possible, so I implemented sliders and a lot of editor handles to make positioning of points easy to understand.

In this particular build I used the Earth as an example simply because it's super easy to find earth textures/normal maps.

After I was done with the recreation, I decided to create an open-source and decently documented repository so that people could try the code for themselves and implement it in their projects! Here's the repository!


odysseyMenuMac.zip 57 MB
odysseyMenuWindows.zip 54 MB


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Nice job dude

Thanks mate!