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A brave hero must conquer a dungeon. But you're not the hero: you're the hero's companion! Teach the hero how to play the game and guide them through the dungeon by constructing tutorials that they can follow.

This demo was made in a month - to understand the story of how this idea was created - you can watch the Behind the Scenes video.

Credits 👥

Art and Animation: Omni Jacala
Gameplay and Design: André Cardoso
William Enders
Music: Dinner Boi

Contributors from Game Jam Version: Xelu & Tarodev

Found bugs? 🐞

Let us know in the comments! We will try to look into it as fast as we can!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
AuthorsAndré Cardoso, Omni Jacala, 14hourlunchbreak
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Point & Click
Average sessionA few minutes


Hey Listen (Windows) 149 MB
Hey Listen (Mac) 159 MB
Hey Listen (Linux) 153 MB


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Nice and fresh concept. gg :)

Amazing game! Looks very well polished and the gameplay was challenging


Pretty fun!


this was fun! there where some parts where i got stumped but is was a fun challange! i would love to see more of this game!

pretty coo


Played and enjoyed it!  I am sick so the constant frown isn't the game's fault, haha


Loved the video! Thanks for playing


Awesome idea :D would have loved to have some more multi-blocks (more then 2) instruction puzzles but overall I enjoyed it a lot :]


Really fun!  The cracked blocks made me want to see what this would be like if it had more items like bombs

Thanks!! I'm really having some nice ideas, and yeah all the classic stuff would be so nice: bombs, arrows and other items!!


Nice game. 

I got a bit caried away at one point with the buttons, as I was going back and forth between rooms to move and dropes 6 to 8 buttons (more than I really needed). I would have like some sorts of inventory for that. But at the same time, since it's a puzzle game, the player should be wary of what buttons to keep after a while.

Not sure if I would play a bigger game with this gameplay. It's fun for a short break, but could get really repetitive if it takes too long.

Also, I've encountered some issues:

  • I've accidentally dropped a button before a door and had to do some back and forth between two rooms in order to pick it up again.
  • At one point, I had to move the cursor a bit away from the button to pick it up. Like I couldn't pick up just by clicking on it directly, the hitbox or detection box or whatever it's called in this case was missaligned with the 3d model.


Really cute and a fun concept, rooting for a full game in the future!


Nice game, fluid gameplay and very creative, I'm looking foward to see the entire game


It's giving off a similar fun feeling I had when I used to play games like Diner Dash during the 2000s. I love it!


I immediately found a bug lol, if you remove the first glyph from the first puzzle and drop it too close to the container, you can't pick it back up XD

I managed to drop the button just to the left of the tutorial bubble and thought it was trapped there forever, but I managed to JUST grab the button again by clicking it before the tutorial bubble expands with the mouse hover. =P

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SUPER unique concept to play as the companion! You made a very polished game for a month of development. Every click has lots of feedback.
I wish to play a full version one day, because it was really cozy and fun.


this game is fantastic


I was really impressed by my time with this game. I'd probably play this as a full release tbh with multiple dungeons. Gave me the feeling of playing a real Zelda dungeon but still felt like an entirely different experience.


Amazing game! It is very comfortable to play and chill a bit. I like very much the cartoonish style from Link's Awakening. The music is also pleasant.

One thing I think it could be improved though is some kind of inventory

However I ran into an issue: After breaking my first blocks, I went to the room before but accidently touched the hero before moving to the blocks room again. That made the hero menu open, and I clicked out to dismiss it. Then I moved to the previous room again to get a button on  the floor, touched the hero's body again (because he stood on the door spot) and now I can no longer touch anything... even floor touch is not working anymore :( 

Well, congratulations for putting this extra effort in this project and not giving up! The result is really nice and fun.

Thank you!
That is an interesting bug, will try to reproduce it! Thank you for describing it in detail!


Really nice and fun game! I like the formula, would love to see how it could look with more elaborate puzzles. Not sure if I'm thinking more controls together (but that could be a bit of a trial and error), or simply a puzzle composed of more steps.
The art and music side is pretty great.

Small technicality comment: I would hide the Quit button from the WebGL build, and also hide the reload one from the main menu.

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how can you even be this stupid

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Not just a brilliant game, but I think you just invented the Shield Spin. I want a dungeon crawler with this move in it now. xD

If I were to add depth to this game I'd make puzzles that take advantage of the helper's ability to carry items around rooms where the hero can't reach. It would open the game up to puzzles that go beyond putting buttons in slots.


Great game! Maybe the blue character could use some kind of a backpack to collect the buttons. The only problem is when you need to go back some rooms to get the buttons, but the game was fun!

PS.: Can't wait to see a bigger version (or the full version) on Steam :P

Very charming. Well done!

Thanks ❤️


Simple, beautiful and Fun. Love the game feel and the sound design. Great demo. Would love to see a full game exploring various concepts


Thank you!! It was crazy making everything on a month but so worth it! ❤️


It's amazing! It was awesome to playtest as well! Congrats, André :D

Thank YOU for playtesting too! ❤️


awesome demo!!! for the little time that the team had, you just nailed it! hope to see the updates soon!


Thank you!!

Deleted 14 days ago

We didn't have time to implement the dynamic music in the scope that we have planned (max 1 month) - but I do have a very early version of it working, so honestly I could add it possibly in a future update!

It is total valid criticism, and thank you! <3


Great idea and fun to play !

I felt like being able to transport only one button at a time was a little bit tedious at times as you often have to go back in fourth just to get all the buttons you want in one place. I guess having some kind of mini inventory would help a ton to not make this tedious !

Also putting myself in a non-gamer’s shoes for this next comment: I felt like the game is based on the assumption that you already understand controllers and have a general knowledge of what button does what traditionnaly. Maybe there are some improvements to be made to “naturally” attract people who are not experience with games at all ?

Great points! Especially the second point.

It does rely a bit on that "gamer knowledge". But what is really interesting is that I found out during playtests with non-gamer friends is that people have a really good instinct with the geometric slots, if anything they think about the shapes and the colors and what actions those activate!


If you click on the player but don't select anything, and then enter a new room, the sword/shield interface remains in the same place it was originally. (It doesn't update to the player's new position.)

Very fun demo overall, though, but I do agree with others that the backtracking is a bit much.

Thank you for the feedback, will adjust in a future update!


Loved everything about the game! Reducing the backtracking with a button inventory will make it perfect.

Thank you! For sure! Looking forward on making an update with an inventory


For some reason I was kind of disappointed when I didn't have to backtrack to bring all the buttons back to the end.😅 There was one glitch where sometimes I would have to tell the player to step away from the doorway before he would enter it (Browser Version). I love how It used an invisible tutorial to make you make an actual tutorial for the player. It was lot's of fun great job!

Heheheh! Nice!
Thank you!


This is great! I love the look, weight, and feel of interacting with the buttons. Cool idea look forward to seeing where it goes.  

Thank you so much! Yeah there is a lot of room for improvement! Looking forward to expand on the idea

Great graphics as always. It's a shame that the game is tedious. Constantly having to fetch for buttons doesn't make for fun gameplay.

Omni did a fantastic work with the art!!

Currently implementing a button inventory - we’ll see that’s how it looks! Feedback super appreciated!


Fun, cute, relaxed and quick to play. If this was a complete game, I would buy it. Perhaps increasing the difficulty of the puzzles and reducing the backtrack would be beneficial when adding more levels. Cheers!

Thanks!! Will keep thinking on ways to improve and expand!!


Love the idea and aesthetics! But I find the puzzle design involving moving buttons through rooms a bit inconvenient and not quite enjoyable for me. Maybe it would be better if all "reachable" buttons could be used as resources in your inventory without having to go back and take them.

The rest was just awesome, keep up the good work!


Nice game! I loooooove the visuals and presentation, it looks and plays fantastic. I do wish there was less backtracking, as it got a little tedious constantly having to go to previous rooms to fetch buttons. I do like the idea that you have to work out what the actual controls of the game are, though. Maybe other levels could have other control inputs, like a fake wiimote or something, haha.


Fun demo. But I think that this should work:

Oh true! Will add that in an update!

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just perfect, game and level design, please keep this idea going, this game can go a long way!


Thank you so much!


This was quite fun and interesting. The idea is good and feels a bit like in-game coding games. I would love to see more puzzles. and sometimes it's just a bit sad to walk back to collect previous buttons but the rest was really fine. game polish, sound, and graphics were really good.


I agree with cavas, really pretty and well made, but man, having to backtrack from room to room to grab that damn yellow button got old real quick. 

Thanks a lot! 
Already have on the backlog to do a button inventory! But this is why I wanted to put it out there, to get people’s feedback - so thanks for that!! ♥️